LED displays

LED Display Specifications


Case Dimensions 13.7"L x 1.84"D x 3.5"H (34.8 cmL x 4.7 cmD x 8.9cmH)
Display Weight 21 oz. (0.6 kg)
AC Adaptor Weight 19 oz. (0.54kg)
Characters Displayed Minimum of 40 standard with (2 lines of 20)
Display Memory 6,000 characters typical
Pixels per Line 120 x 7
Number of Display Lines 2
Pixel size (Diameter) .07" (1.78 mm)
Pixel (LED) Color Red or green version available
Typical Forward Pixel Luminance Each pixel is rated at 1 mcd typical
Peak Wavelength Red = 630 nm  Green = 565 nm
Angle Viewing +/- 25 degrees (50 degrees to 50% of straight-on brightness
Center-to-Center Pixel Spacing (Pitch) .1" (.25 cm)
Character Size .7" (1.78 cm)
Character Fonts Serif, Sans Serif, Small Sans Serif
Operating Temperature 0º to 50º C, 32º to 120º  F
Memory Retention 10 days typical
Memory Capacity 81 different messages can be stored and displayed
Message Operating Modes - 25 Consisting of Auto-mode, hold, inter-lock, roll (6 directions), rotate, sparkle-on, twinkle, spray-on, slide across, switch, wipe (6 directions), start burst, flash, snow, scroll
- Continuous message entry with automatic centering in any mode
- User programmable logos and graphics
Five variable speed controls
Time of Day Clock Day and time, 12 or 24 hour format
Serial Computer Interface RS232 (TTL) and RS485 (multi-drop networking for up to 255 displays; 32 displays without repeater)
Special Features Front access buttons for manually setting: Time and Date, Display on/off, Serial (networking) address, Clearing memory
Optional Features 32K memory upgrade, Real time clock upgrade (maintains accurate time without power for 10 days typical), Handheld, IR remote keyboard can be ordered for manual programming
Communications Communications Protocol compatibility
Power 120VAC +/- 10%, 60 Hz, 230 VAC 50 Hz version also available
Power Cord Length 10 feet (3 m)
Power Consumption 35 Watts
Case Material ABS
Lens Material Acrylic
Limited Warranty One year parts and labor, Factory servicing
Agency Approvals Safety: EN60950, 120V power supply is UL Listed, CSA certified; 230V power supply is VDE/TUV certified and carries the CE mark
EMI: FCC Class B (120V), EN55022B, EN50082-1 (230V)
Marks: CE
Standard Product Personal Priority Display
Packaging Includes AC Adaptor, Mounting brackets, User Manual

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