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Discrete Input Interface

Trigger messages on any of our LED displays quickly and easily

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bulletThe Discrete Input Interface accepts inputs from photoelectric eyes, limit switches, proximity sensors, PLC I/O blocks, relays, push buttons, contact closures or any discrete, BCD, binary, or up/down counting device or sensor.
bulletUsers create and download custom messages into signs using the handheld remote or Messaging Software. The Discrete Input Interface then triggers the appropriate message when the corresponding input on the Discrete Input Interface is closed.
bulletThe Discrete Input Interface can be configured to accept inputs in several formats, including Discrete, BCD or Binary formats. It can also be configured as a counter.
bulletThe discrete, binary and BCD inputs trigger change-of-status pre-programmed messages to run on signs such as “Warning: Conveyor Stopped.”
bulletThe up/down counter sends counts which can be displayed on the sign alone or incorporated into pre-programmed messages such as "Parts Count=1237".
bulletThe Discrete Input Interface connects to as many as 32 contacts in blocks of  8 inputs.
bulletThe interface simply mounts on a standard 35mm DIN rail and is easily connected to power, contacts and RS485 serial communications to the signs.



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