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 The LSO-418C LED display uses the latest LED technology to provide a large,  4" character that attracts an audience from up to 150' away. The 14 color format allows visually appealing messages to be created for use in factories, schools, cafeterias, trade shows and thousands of other attention getting applications.

 The display is engineered to be flexible and upgradeable. The wireless remote control for the LED sign  allows messages to be created and edited from up to 50 feet away. The LSO-418C can also be programmed via computer and electronic display software.

bullet14 color LED sign
bulletLarge 4" Character - 150' viewing 
bullet26 fonts 
bulletInfrared wireless keyboard 
bulletSecurity password protection 
bulletAuto on/off, instant on/off 
bulletReal time Clock
bulletMessage scheduling capability
bulletCount-down feature
bulletBuilt-in and user programmable graphics
bulletBackground, edge and foreground colors
bulletEpoxy-injected LED for long life
bulletWarp-proof aluminum casing
bulletAuto programming
bulletComputer compatible


Item No. Characters Case size
Width Height Depth
Display Area
W x H
LED color Display Array
W x H
LSO-418C 14
4" characters
50" x 6.5" x 2" 48" x 4" Multi-Color 80 x 7


Regular Price $1299.99
Sale Price $699.95



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