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Item No. Characters Case Size
W x H x D
Display Area
W x H
LED color Display Array
W x H
LSO4-160C 1.5" to 7.2" characters 52.2" x 10" x 5.4" 48" x 7.2" Tri-color 160 x 24


bulletEasy 3-Step Message Entry 
bulletAutomode feature automatically displays messages in 25 attention getting modes
bulletNo complicated programming procedures to learn
bulletWireless Remote Control
bulletNo cable to connect
bulletOperates up to 30 feet away from the display
bulletDazzling Moving Color (available in color versions only)
bullet8 true colors
bullet3 Rainbow effects
bulletFlexible Visual display
bulletDisplays up to 30 characters at the same time
bullet66 Ways to display each character (color version only)
bullet6 character fonts 
bulletStores and displays up to 81 moving messages
bullet9 Exciting built-in animation's
bullet5 Operating speeds
bulletCreate your Own Logos and Graphics
bulletReal Time Clock
bulletMaintains accurate day and time even during power outages
bulletEasy Networking
bulletOptional software provides the capability to control an entire network of  message centers from a personal computer
bulletUp to 255 message centers can be used for remote networking
bulletAttractive Eurostyle Case of Rugged Extruded Aluminum
bulletLED displays receive extensive factory testing and are covered by a one-year USA factory Warranty
bulletOptional News and Sports Broadcast Service
bulletContinuous broadcasts morning to evening-15 hours a day
bulletUpdates of late breaking national, world, and financial/business news, entertainment, and sports scores


LSO4-120C LSO4-160C LSO4-200C Specs
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