LED displays

Outdoor LED Displays

Front Serviceable

bulletLong life LEDs rated at 100,000 hours
bulletStores & displays over 81 messages
bulletCreate your own graphics & logos
bulletCharacter size: 11 and 22 inch
bulletFlexibility of 1 or 2 line messages
bulletLight weight, high tech, durable
bullet24 Models available
bulletFront serviceable
bulletextruded aluminum case
bulletOne year USA factory warranty
bullet6 Character fonts

Pixel Size (4 LEDs): .75"

Pixel (LED) Color: Red or amber monochrome

Pixel Luminance: Each pixel is rated 2900 mcd typical

Pixel Wavelength: Red = 626 nm Amber = 590 nm

Angle Viewing: ±15° (30° cone) to 50% of straight-on brightness optional: ±35° (70° cone) to 50% of straight-on brightness

Modes: 25 consisting of: Auto-mode, Hold, Roll (6 directions), Rotate, Sparkle-On, Twinkle, Interlock, Wipe (6 directions), Spray-On, Cycle Up, Starburst, Switch, Flash, Snow and Scroll –Continuous message entry with automatic centering in any mode –User programmable logos and graphics –Five variable speed controls –Programmable hold speeds

Built-In Animations: Cherry Bomb Exploding, Don’t Drink and Drive, (Functional on units with Fireworks, Slot Machine, No Smoking, Running display array of 80 or greater) Animal, Moving Auto, Welcome (in script), Thank You (in script), Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Champagne Bottle, Balloons and Birthday Cake

Clock/Date: Date in multiple formats and time in 12 or 24-hour formats Battery: –Lithium battery for message and time/date retention during power outages –9 year life

Serial Communication Interface

Special Features: –Optional remote temperature sensing probe assembly –DIP switch selectable serial addressing –Internal AC power switch for servicing –Internal thermostatically controlled fans for cooling and heating –Automatic overheating protection –Serially uploadable FLASH EPROM memory for upgrading firmware –Auto dimming for nighttime and overheating  Enclosure: Fully front-serviceable

Full color RGB LED displays

 Electronic Signs

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